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About the 11+

The 11+ is an exam that is used in various parts of the UK as a tool to determine pupil placements at a range of selective or grammar schools.  Because of the different systems operating in various local authorities, grammar schools, and the 11+,  are not universally taken by pupils and the way the tests are administered varies greatly.  The good news is the tests themselves are fairly standard, being published by one of two companies - GL Assessment (CSSE test in Essex for example) or CEM, the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at the University of Cambridge (Chelmsford County High for example).

GL Assessment develops and administers 11 Plus exams in many grammar school areas.

CEM tests were introduced in response to a belief that existing 11 Plus exams had become too easy to prepare for.  CEM don't create practice materials and change the format of examinations to reduce what is known as ‘teaching to the test’.

Recently, there has been a shift back to GL in many areas as CEM moved to an online only assessment known as CEM Select.

uk map 11+ areas

Whatever area of the UK you are in my online tutoring provision can help.  There are many places offering selective and grammar school education, as the  map shows,  and far more pupils applying than there are places available so it makes sense to give your child every advantage you can. Wherever you are in the UK, get in touch and see how my online tutoring can help. 

My live mock and exam preparation sessions are currently running in Chelmsford, Essex and geared toward the 11+ in that area, however, I am keen to explore offering these sessions in other areas so do get in touch.

Of course, if you are looking for online support for the 11+, I can help, wherever you live.

International Students

I am always delighted to support overseas students with aspects of the British curriculum, so click here to find out more.



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