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About the 7+

Are you thinking about an independent prep school for your child? It’s important to know what to expect from application through to test day.

For many independent prep schools – those that typically admit pupils at the beginning of Year 3 – children who are applying for a place take assessments known informally as the 7+.

There are a number of reasons schools test at this stage - it sits between Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum (known as Infants and Juniors or pre-prep and prep in the past). 

It is also the first time a reasonably accurate judgement can be made as to a child's ability.

7+ tests are generally set by the school to which you are applying and can be made up of various components of maths, English and verbal or non-verbal reasoning.

As there is no standard, my sessions will be tailored to suit the school to which your child is applying.

Find out more about my approach to 7+ exams.

Online Class

Here are some examples of 7+ papers courtesy of If you'd like to look through 7+ standard tests, example 7+ papers are available for Westminster Cathedral Choir School in London, who offer 7+ maths papers and 7+ English papers for parents to look through. Other specimen papers include King's College Wimbledon's and North London Collegiate's.

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