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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if my child struggles with their learning?
    I am highly experienced in identifying areas of difficulty. I adapt my teaching methods to help your child grasp challenging concepts, providing additional resources and practice as needed. Each solution is bespoke to your child's unique learning style.
  • What is MyTutorElite and who are you?
    I'm David Bell. Having worked for nearly twenty years in education, fourteen of which were in senior management, including the last six as Headmaster of a leading prep school in the East of England, I have wide experience of the 11+ examination system and gaining entry into some of the UK's leading public schools. In 2019 I was awarded Fellowship of the Chartered College of Teaching. ​Whether you are searching for an online tutor or expert knowledge of the British education system through my international school placement consultancy, I can help. ​ I look forward to speaking to you soon and working together to support your child's tutoring journey. ​
  • What technology and tools are required for online tuition sessions with MyTutorElite?
    All you need is a stable internet connection and a computer or tablet for great online tutoring. For an optimal learning experience, consider using headphones and a microphone. I generally use Zoom.
  • Can I request a trial session?
    Whilst I don't offer free trial sessions, I always offer a free discovery call. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your child's needs, ask questions, and determine if my teaching approach aligns with your child's learning preferences.
  • What subjects and entrance exam preparations, including 11 plus, ISEB, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning, do you cover at MyTutorElite?
    I cover a range of subjects, including mathematics, English and science, as well as targeted preparation for entrance exams such as the 11 plus, ISEB, and more. Additionally, I provide focused support for verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning assessments. Importantly, all tuition is bespoke, tailored to your child's unique learning needs and requirements. My goal is to offer comprehensive assistance tailored to the primary education curriculum and specific entrance requirements.
  • What about the cost?
    For information on the cost of our services, please refer to my pricing page on the website. I offer flexible pricing plans to accommodate different needs and ensure that your child receives the best possible support for their education. I aim to offer the highest quality support which will always be tailored and appropriate to your child's learning goals.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    MyTutorElite has a flexible cancellation policy, allowing you to reschedule or cancel sessions with reasonable notice. I understand the dynamic nature of schedules and aim to accommodate your needs while ensuring a consistent learning experience. Each rescheduling solution is tailored to your requirements.
  • How do I ensure my child is safe and protected online?
    Safety is our top priority at MyTutorElite. I have undergone a full DBS check and I am trained to the highest level of safeguarding. I use secure and encrypted communication tools to create a safe online learning environment. To find out more, my safeguarding policy may help.
  • How do you structure your sessions?
    My lessons are carefully crafted to suit your child's needs, lasting one hour. The sessions incorporate a mix of instruction, interactive activities, and practice exercises to ensure an engaging and effective learning experience. Importantly, each session is bespoke, designed to address your child's specific learning goals.

David Bell is an inspiration to us all. As a former teacher and headteacher for over 18 years, fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching and now founder of a new tutoring business, David has seen it all in education.  Qualified Tutor Podcast, 2022

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