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Independent Schools

Personalised private tuition can significantly aid children applying to the diverse range of independent schools in the UK. It offers tailored instruction, focusing on specific entrance exam requirements and interview preparation. The right tutor will help strengthen academic skills, refine interview techniques, and boost confidence. This personalised support enhances students' chances of successful admission.

Many independent schools produce and administer their own exam materials, whilst an increasing number are using the ISEB Pre-Test as part of their assessment process.

ISEB Pre-Test

When faced with independent school entry, an increasing number of schools are using the ISEB Pre-Test for entry at Year 7.

The ISEB Pre-Test is also used to provide some independent senior schools with information about a pupil’s current attainment and potential, prior to them taking Common Entrance for entry in Year 9.

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Here are a few things to know about the ISEB Pre-Test

It's the only entrance exam that is adaptive. This means that the questions become more difficult depending on how your child is performing.

Used by many of the UK’s top independent schools, the ISEB is different to any other style of entrance exam, so there are unique strategies for succeeding at it which I will help your child unlock, having taught and led in a private school for many years with a proud 100% pass rate to private schools.

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