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Creative Writing 

Putting pen to paper

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Which exams including writing?


Depends upon school. Exam is set by the specific independent school.


Varies depending upon the test used. Check with your examination board.

Independent 11+/13+

Usually there is some aspect of this but check with school.

Certain examinations require students to undertake creative or continuous writing tasks. Given the time constraints, this can be quite a challenge. That's why it's crucial for your child to be well-prepared. Building strong writing skills not only helps in these assessments but also brings many long-term benefits. Creative writing components can appear in any exam your child faces. These tasks are designed to evaluate a range of skills essential for academic success and personal growth. Engaging in creative writing helps children enhance their imagination and creativity, allowing them to express their ideas more vividly and effectively. It also fosters critical thinking as they learn to develop plots, characters, and settings that are coherent and compelling. Moreover, writing assessments improve a student's ability to organise their thoughts and present arguments logically. This skill is not only valuable in academic settings but also in real-life situations where clear communication is key. Regular writing practice can enhance vocabulary and grammar, contributing to overall language proficiency. Additionally, writing tasks encourage self-discipline and time management. Students must plan their writing within the allotted time, which helps them become better at working under pressure. This skill is transferable to other timed tasks and exams, making them more adept at handling various academic challenges. In summary, preparing for and excelling in writing assessments can significantly benefit your child. It promotes creativity, critical thinking, effective communication, and time management skills, all of which are essential for both academic success and future professional endeavours.

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