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Learning is my passion.  For the last twenty years, I have been privileged to work with, and lead, some of the best educators and most committed children.  The knowledge I have built supporting others in a range of school settings is something I am deeply passionate about sharing with others.

david bell private tutor

Face to Face or Online?

You might well be wondering whether face to face or online tuition is the way to go.  If so, consider these advantages online tuition offers:


1. Travel time is eliminated.  After school tuition often means fighting with rush hour traffic.

2. Wherever you are, you can still find the right tutor.  Even if you're the other side of the world, we can help, for example later at night.

3. Lesson materials can be easily shared before the session and homework can be returned and marked ready for the next lesson.

4. A private learning environment without the awkwardness your child may feel visiting a tutor or the disruption of a tutor entering your home and taking over the dining room for an hour! 

5. Whatever you may think, remember, this is how your children have been learning and this is not an alien concept to them!

Chelmsford Grammar School private tutor tuition

Learning Independence

Online tuition allows students to learn how to learn. Students will develop the necessary skills to acquire knowledge more effectively.

Online Class
Online Learning
Online Class

Key Stage 1

Online Education

Key Stage 2

Online Education

11+/Senior Entry

Families Communicating Via Video Calls

Online Groups

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